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Urban Tourism & Social Sustainability

Urban Tourism & Social Sustainability

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries of the world today. Asian cities, too, are reaping economical benefits from this valuable sector. Tourists constitute a ‘transient population’, using and interacting with cities for short periods of time, with many impacts arising from this interaction. There is a pressing need for many asian...
Asia's Contemporary Waterfronts

Asia’s Contemporary Waterfronts

The waterfronts of various asian contemporary cities are gaining increased relevance to the economic development of these cites and are often seen as tools in globalisation processes and tourism development. The vitality and visibility of these waterfront areas and the quality of its urban spaces have become key aspects of the competitive positioning of asian...
Marina Bay, Singapore's Centerpiece

Marina Bay, Singapore’s Centerpiece

“We don’t want Singapore to be just like any other city. We want it to be distinctive, to be different. And Marina Bay will personify this difference.” Mr Mah Bow Tan, National Development Minister. “In Singapore, Marina Bay Sands will be the pivot point in which tourism here is going to explode.” Mr Sheldon G.Anson,...
Nation-state vs World city

Nation-state vs World city

Tanjong Pagar [Taken from URA website]   The city-state of Singapore is a distinct place. As a small island lacking in natural resources, with a multi-ethnic population, consisting of a chinese majority surrounded by muslim countries, and a large pool of foreign guest workers, it is currently the most developed country in Southeast Asia. Since...
Chinatown: Historic District or Themed Attraction?

Chinatown: Historic District or Themed Attraction?

In its haste to reach the ranks of developed nations, Singapore had sometimes cast aside buildings, places, fragile traditions and old practices that collectively formed a people’s roots and heritage (Dr Hong Hai, Member of Parliment, quoted in The Straits Times, 18 June 1990) In 1965, with Singapore’s independence, a new era of development came...
Singapore's Evolving Skyline

Singapore’s Evolving Skyline

1960s – Bank of China tallest landmark [Source: Editions Didier Millet, National Archives of Singapore]   1970s – OCBC centre by I.M Pei, International Plaza, DBS building [Source: NHB]   1980s – OUB building by Kenzo Tange, Shell tower, Singtel Building, Six Battery Road [Source: Pakcik Salleh, Flickr]   1990s – UOB Plaza 1 &...