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Insurgent Space in Singapore?

Insurgent Space in Singapore?

Every Sunday, the strip of land flanking a long canal way in Singapore becomes the site for ‘insurgent spatial practices’ – a concept popularized by Jeffrey Hou in his book, “Insurgent Public Space: Guerilla Urbanism and the Remaking of Contemporary Cities”. Hou describes insurgent public space as a mode of city-making that is different from conventional...
Foreign Workers in Singapore: Spatial Practices of Resistance

Foreign Workers in Singapore: Spatial Practices of Resistance

  The Western region of Singapore (Boon Lay, Pioneer, Jurong West, Jurong Island) houses some 30 000 foreign workers, the highest concentration of any other region. They are housed primarily within what the government states as “approved housing” – purpose-built dormitories, converted industrial premises and rented public housing flats. However, these are just official housing premises...
Little India: A Just Space for the Marginalized in Singapore

Little India: A Just Space for the Marginalized in Singapore

Every Sunday, Little India sees an influx of hundreds of foreign workers from Bangladesh and India. From the main bustling Serangoon Road, open parks and plazas, HDB void decks, five-foot ways to even back-lanes, these foreign workers are seen using and appropriating the various spaces. It is not a usual sight to see such large...
Contesting Public Space: Singapore's Little India

Contesting Public Space: Singapore’s Little India

              (Straits Times, 13 April 2012)  A recent Straits Times article reported how residents living in Little India requested for their public Resident’s Corner located within their housing ‘void deck’ to be cordoned off from foreign workers.Their concerns include the presumed disamenities caused by foreign workers’ presence in the...
Spatial Justice for Migrants: Just the government's role?

Spatial Justice for Migrants: Just the government’s role?

Newspaper article taken from: AsiaOne Tuesday, Feb 14, 2012 Title: 36 premises found unacceptable for foreign worker housing SINGAPORE – The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) conducted a major multi-agency enforcement operation on 71 private residential premises in Geylang in December last year, and 36 were discovered to be unacceptable for use as foreign worker accommodation....
Singapore's Ethnic Enclaves and Bauman's 'mixophobia'

Singapore’s Ethnic Enclaves and Bauman’s ‘mixophobia’

Bangladeshi workers gathering in large numbers every weekend at Little India’s Lembu Square.  (photo by: Sam Kang Li taken from: Foreign workers enjoying a meal while watching an outdoor movie screening at Sungei Road ‘Thieves Market’.  (photo by: Sam Kang Li taken from: Singapore has for a long time, depended on vast numbers of migrant...