KEUKEN is a one-day food festival which addresses the issue of utilizations of city’s public spaces through the wisdom of the street-inspired culture.

Keuken ( is a mix of community who loves local culinary and an attempt to break the monotony of urban life by reclaiming public space. Keuken celebrate the appropriation of an urban space with festivity of basic human needs: eat. Taking a latent potential of squatting culture in Indonesian society combined with the attraction of street food keuken tries to gather youth population of the city. This events took place in Bandung, a city with two million people, 2 hours driving from Jakarta, known as holiday escape city for Jakarta’s people. During weekends, the city always crowded with cars with B plate (Jakarta’s car license plate). On the venue, some street in the heart of the city is closed for cars and being appropriated for incidental public space, space to eat. Keuken also bring local communities and creative communities together, had a chance to communicate and exchange ideas. At least for a day the city, with its people and communities, could discover each other, talents and potentials. Get closer, talk and possibly do something for the city.