Indonesian Gardening is a pilot project. We will create green spaces in the middle of the city that provide benefits for surrounding communities. (Indonesia Berkebun, 2011)

The lack of green spaces in urban area has moved a group of people with the same mission, led by Ridwan Kamil, to start a community called Indonesia berkebun, an urban farming project. Their action is a protest to failure of planning providing green spaces in the city. With the power of social media, this community initiates a movement to appropriate abandoned vacant land nearby into a green gardening space. Their first project is in the Springhill housing complex, Jakarta, a three-year lease on 10,800 square meters of land has been granted to cultivate commercial crops. Each individual contribute in their own way: lend a vacant land, provide seeds and tools, organizing the event, and advertise in social media.

Indonesia berkebun take advantage of social network like twitter to attract urban dwellers to be part of the community and encourage them to be more aware with their surrounding environment. The open platform of online map and social media is used to strategize their move to make place in the city. It is proven by the participation of at least 20 cities in Indonesia share their experiences, knowledge, photos and videos of their own local community garden on the internet.

(Please mind the video is in Bahasa)