Today, there are 70 odd of shopping centre in Jakarta. This will put Jakarta as city with the largest number of shopping centre in the world. (, 21 February 2011)

If we tried to categorized these 70 malls (excluding Global scale malls) based on the total retail area in relation to its catchment zone by International Council Shopping Centre standard (due to absence of local standard), a Regional scale malls – with 40,000 – 80,000 sqm retail area – has 5 km radius of catchment area; Local – with 20,000 – 40,000 sqm retail area – has 2-5 km radius of catchment area; and Neighbourhood – less than 20,000 sqm retail area – has below 2 km radius of catchment area.

It seems that Jakarta with 662 sqkm area is fully covered by the catchment area of shopping malls. Nothing is left. So who’ll be the next potential market, if there’s 12 new shopping malls, with 497,027 sqm [1]of new retail area, waiting to be build within 2012-2014?

It seems that economists and business men are more optimist than architects and planners.

Do we need more malls, Jakarta?

[1] Colliers International Indonesia Market report Q1-2012, 28 April 2012.