Chinatown(牛车水) in Singapore is perhaps one of the most familiar and popular place to visit. Chinatown is located within the larger district of Outram and some parts of it have been claimed as national heritage sites designated for conservation. The different streets of Chinatown: Mosque Street that is name after Jamae Mosque, Pagoda Street that takes its name from the Sri Mariamman Temple, Sago Lane and Sago Street where there use to have saso factories located there, Smith Street named after Sir Cecil Clementi Smith, Temple Street which refers to Sri Mariamman Temple and Trengganu Street which the word derived from Terengganu, a state in present Peninsular Malaysia. It is interesting how each different street got its own characteristic; the use of each street also varies at different time of the day. The changing use of the streets by the food stalls and temporary markets seems to create a sense of identity in the place. You will often see elderly gathering at pavilions to play chess, and numbers of others crowding around mere watching. However as you walk along Chinatown streets more often, (depending on the day, time and types of street) you might realized that Chinatown is not only a place for the senior citizen but also filled with different class and age groups of people including tourist.. People travel down here to catch up with friends, play chess, eat, and shop. An estate with diversity. Does it promote interaction, I think it does. What, where, when and why.. There is more to explore and investigate.