The Central Street Market covers the area of Peel Street, Graham Street and Gage Street

Toy Market @ Tai Yuen Street MarketĀ 

Hong Kong is known for having an informal urbanism of street markets. This dynamic resulted in a diverse culture and street life experience which Hong Kong became famous for. Street markets play an important role in making the city imageable and legible as it shapes the character of the place. It still continues to serve both the local communities and visiting tourists. Hawkers have long been an integral part of the local community and the number dramatically increased when a surge of refugees from mainland China returned to Hong Kong by making their living as street traders. The government stopped issuing new hawker licenses in 1970. Since then, the number of hawkers has dwindled from 70,000 to 7,048. In that light, the value of everyday space in Hong Kong is slowly diminishing as urban renewal in Hong Kong is hugely profit-driven. Taking away a street market, you basically take away the livelihood of all the people who are involved in the business. The government should reevaluate its approach to preserve the cultural diversity of Hong Kong.