Site map of Citywalk
The comprehensive development of Citywalk the podium structure strategically located at the Tsuen Wan Town Centre was a redevelopment area proposed by Urban Renewal Authority, where the preceding land was old buildings for public housing owned by the Housing Society. The former buildings were demolished in the year 1990 with building age of over 30 years and subsequently the preceding four street blocks and three streets, namely Sai Lau Street and two streets extended from the existing Sun Tsuen Street and Ho Pui Street, were incorporated in this large-scale development site.

Figure 3 (above): Site map of City Walk Shopping mall & Vision City Residential @ Tsuen Wan  New Town
Source: The HKU Scholars Hub, The University of Hong Kong, Retrieved from

Residential towers Vision city_sky garden_citywalk shopping mall low resolution
Photos 2: Clockwise from left. Residential towers Vision city, Sky garden, Citywalk shopping mall

The podium structure on an intervening island site plays a functional role in contributing to integrating to the existing built environment, with surrounding neighborhood of old residential buildings and new commercial and hotel development. The integration of Citywalk into the existing built environment has an optimal solution in response to the street pattern and pedestrian movement in multi-level above ground to enrich and contribute to the surrounding neighborhood and general public.

View from Tai Ho Rd_ View from corner of Tai Ho Rd & Yeang Uk Rd_ View from corner of Yeang Uk Rd & Man Cheung St low resolution
Photos 3: Clockwise from left; a.Street view from Tai Ho Rd, b.Street view from corner of Tai Ho Rd & Yeang Uk Rd & c.View from corner of Yeang Uk Rd & Man Cheung St
Source: The HKU Scholars Hub, The University of Hong Kong, Retrieved from

citywalk floor plans
Figure 4: Citywalk Shopping Mall Ground Floor Plan & Upper Ground Floor Plan
Source: The HKU Scholars Hub, The University of Hong Kong, Retrieved from

Site Location: Tsuen Wan New Town
Density Zone: Zone 1 -High density zone, with large capacity of public transport, such as railways, or public transport interchange, podium for commercial
Previous Land Use: Public Housing
Completion Date: 2007
Development on Podium: Residential development called ‘Vision City’
Site Area: 1.93 ha.
Permitted Site Coverage: 65% (building height over 61m)
Actual Site Coverage: 63%

Primarily at the ground level, the podium structure substantially opens up holes, notches and sections of the continuous building frontage facing four streets and the provision of highlighted 24 hours public passage at street level is desirable substitution of the preceding streets to maintain and increase the pedestrian movement at street level through the podium (Shown in Ground Floor plan: Pedestrian movement & 24 hours public passage area).

The integrated pedestrian movement is effectively enhanced by facilitating the multi-level public passage as well at upper ground floor via footbridges which encourage the communication and pedestrian moving between the subject site and neighboring buildings. (Shown in Upper Ground Floor plan: Pedestrian movement & 24 hours public passage area)

The primary circulation artery Sha Tsui Road brings the podium complex with a considerable quantity of people while serving as the main vehicle road, and thus, the podium structure opens up the corner for the pedestrian entrance continuing to the piazza. Along Tai Ho Road, less pedestrian movement at street level is created with wide heavy traffic road and neighboring Town Hall and Magistracy and therefore footbridges provided at upper ground level is farther appropriate in connection with Tsuen Wan Plaza and Sha Tsui Road Playground together. Pedestrian accessing the podium complex from community centre and schools at Tai Ho Road and MTR Tsuen Wan station would have alternative ways by footbridge at upper level or by the entrance at ground level to go through the main junction of two heavy traffic roads.

Yeung Uk Road serves as the back lane of podium structure for vehicle access and only footbridge is provide to connect with the new hotel development and commercial towers by which mainly tourists and people using MTR Tsuen Wan West station would access the podium complex. The narrow street Wo Tik Street serves the pedestrian going through the wet market and inhabitants of the old residential buildings where the podium structure opens up a wide section of the frontage at the continuity of existing Sun Tsuen Street welcoming the general public to the piazza which would fully contribute to the surrounding neighborhood and pedestrian by both the visual and building permeability extended from the old building areas to the open piazza and foster a sustainable built environment between new development and old areas.

typical podium block in HK
Figure 6: Typical podium development in Hong Kong
Source: Urban Design and Planning Consultants Limited, Retrieved from

The functionality housed in the podium complex of Citywalk is widely-desirable for the generally public which accommodates a 300,000 square feet shopping area, 114 car parking spaces, a public light bus and bus terminus and community facilities. Other than the three-storey shopping area of retails and restaurants which revitalizes the redevelopment land and the neighboring old building areas, it is well served by a public light bus and bus terminal on the ground floor which supplements the existing transportation demand to the area and caters to a better transportation convenience for local community while bringing people to the podium complex from the surrounding areas and provides corresponding car parking space.

Concerning the needs of general community, this redevelopment of podium complex housed two community amenities, a district elderly community centre and a hostel for moderately mentally handicapped, serving the elderly in the old areas and affected population in the redevelopment of preceding land while the mentally handicapped hostel contributing to the society. The diversity of building functionality in Citywalk is a successful mix uses of transportation facilities and community facilities enhancing social interaction through or within the podium complex with the integrated pedestrian ways and footbridge system to the shopping centre.