Hong Kong @ busy junction of Causeway Bay

“Most Asian cities are where dynamic and bubbling with energy and vibrancy. They are always at the edge of chaos, is established a chaotic order and visible. Street vendors everywhere. Horns blaring in traffic jams. Suffocating smells of smoke emitting by exhaust pipes. These are but some of the sights, sounds and smells of many cities in Asian emerging economies. In fact, most Asian cities function reasonably well, perhaps because of their chaotic order, pluralistic richness and unintentional complexity. The Asian city today is indeed a compact hybrid of contradictions.”

                                                                                                    —- William S. W. Lim  from Asian Alterity: With Special Reference to Architecture & Urbanism Through the Lens of Cultural Studies

This is part of a series titled: Invisible logic of the city featured on Asian Urban Epicentres. The aim is to draw attention to the varied and complex network of factors and conditions that contribute to affect the emergence of the urban epicentres. The collection of definitions will contribute to the understanding of contemporary Asian urbanism and the logic of the city – how it could think, behave and mutate in its own logic.  You are welcome to add more definitions.