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“Given the common pressured of intensified rapid urbanization and global migration of capital, people and goods faces by all capital cities, perhaps, the moment of architecture defining the culture of a place is over. Or, put alternatively, the role of architecture is to collectively define globalized capitalism as ‘culture’ – edifice of corporate wealth, consumption, performance and class-differentiated residential building and settlements –everywhere. What is added (in this case ‘Asian’) is the local culture performed by locals in the reproduction of the daily within this globalised modern urban structure of built forms”

Chua Beng Huat from the article Urban Asia as Reference in Globalization

This is part of a series titled: Invisible logic of the city featured on Asian Urban Epicentres. The aim is to draw attention to the varied and complex network of factors and conditions that contribute to affect the emergence of the urban epicentres. The collection of definitions will contribute to the understanding of contemporary Asian urbanism and the logic of the city – how it could think, behave and mutate in its own logic.  You are welcome to add more definitions.