“Given the evident environmental impact that “development” has had on the global eco-system and the devastating impacts of climate change, what leadership of ideas can the East offer the world? The answers may lie in a re-examination of the relationship between capitalism and the city, and between the urban and the rural. It is neither the urban nor the rural; it is both. New architecture cannot come out of old planning. Cities of Asia behold the countryside and imagine the infinite possibilities. See one space, not two”

—- Tay Kheng Soon from Behold the Countryside: The Urban/Rural Divide

This is part of a series titled: Invisible logic of the city featured on Asian Urban Epicentres. The aim is to draw attention to the varied and complex network of factors and conditions that contribute to affect the emergence of the urban epicentres. The collection of definitions will contribute to the understanding of contemporary Asian urbanism and the logic of the city – how it could think, behave and mutate in its own logic.  You are welcome to add more definitions.