A void deck is an essential part of each an every HDB heart lander. The void deck, is the only other shared facility within HDB estates that promote spontaneous and Incidental happenings to happen. With the removal of the void deck, the residents living in this “pigeon-hole” configuration apartment blocks have one less space for accidental meetings to happen. Accidental meetings is important in high-density living environments as it creates the notion of community as argued by Chua (1995). He said :” community is formed through increased familiarity as a result of seeing and meeting each other in an everyday routine of movements and activities in and around the apartment buildings. The high level of visibility of the daily activities in the corridors and in the void decks is the key to the intensification of familiarity which in turn promotes the sense of community.” At the same time with the move of HDB in the creation of Precinct Pavilions, they are also moving in the direction in “privatisation” of estates common facilities by elevating this above ground. This further hinders opportunistic accidental happenings to happen as users now have to intentionally access it to whichever location they are located at ( usually above multi-storey Carparks). Would this move in the change of design of public spaces and facilities result in disintegration of the social fabric in Singapore as the residents in the estates day to day route no longer includes these spaces but only include their apartment , the lift lobby and their destination. Will it result in a time where accidental meetings will only happen in lift cars and lift lobbies? Only time will tell.