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“Developers are true urban editors. They are linked with the city authorities and necessary political powers and they make the urban editing. Architects are in a secondary role – something like the hyenas after the lions have made the kill. Money is a good consultant and the generating force of the developer run urban editing process. This is not urban acupuncture though; it is more like a western-style medical practice.  – operations on the body removing, changing or maintaining parts – or even plastic surgery. (Oh, Shanghai has bigger tits then Taipei.) The body is not necessarily seen as one big organism.”

— Marco Casagrande, Finnish architect and brainchild of The Ruin Academy Taipei

Casagrande conceptualized the theory of the Third Generation City. The Ruin Academy is set to think of the Third Generation City, the organic ruin of the industrial city and to re-think the modern man in the box. The community gardens of Taipei are fragments of the third generation urbanism where they exist together with the industrial surroundings. Third Generation City is true when the city recognizes its local knowledge and allows itself to be part of nature. 


This is part of a series titled: Invisible logic of the city featured on Asian Urban Epicentres. The aim is to draw attention to the varied and complex network of factors and conditions that contribute to affect the emergence of the urban epicentres. The collection of definitions will contribute to the understanding of contemporary Asian urbanism and the logic of the city – how it could think, behave and mutate in its own logic.  You are welcome to add more definitions.