Ruin Academy (Taipei, Taiwan 2010 -) is an independent cross-over architectural research centre in the Urban Core -area of Taipei, Taiwan. The Academy is run in co-operation between the Finland based Casagrande Laboratory and Taiwanese JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture.

Ruin academy is set to re-think the industrial city and the moden man in a box. It organizes workshops and courses for various Taiwanese and international universities including the National Taiwan University Department of Sociology, Tamkang University Department of Architecture, Aalto University Sustainable Global Technologies Centre and Helsinki University of Arts and Design Department of Environmental Art. The research and design tasks move freely in-between architecture, urban design, environmental art and other disciplines of art and science within the general framework of built human environment.

The Ruin Academy occupies an abandoned 5-story apartment building in central Taipei. All the interior walls of the building and all the windows are removed in order to grow bamboo and vegetables inside the house. The professors and students are sleeping and working in mahogany made ad-hoc dormitories and have a public sauna in the 5th floor. All the building is penetrated with 6 inch holes in order to let “rain inside”.

1st Floor, “Archive”

4th Floor, “Lounge”

5th Floor, “Sauna”

1st Floor, “Archive”

2nd Floor, “Student Dormitory”

2nd Floor, “Student Dormitory”

Section of Ruin Academy

Cross-section of Ruin Academy

The Academy is viewed as an example or fragment of the Third Generation City, the organic ruin of the industrial city. The Academy is more like a Pub than a University — or like a public sauna in Finland, where everybody is stripped naked from the President to the Police. The Ruin Academy is an independent and free platform where the different student groups and other players can meet. The Academy is about knowledge building.

The agents of the Third Generation City are sensitive citizens who feel the calling of a sustainable co-operation with the rest of the nature, sensitive citizen who are aware of the destruction that the insensitive modem machine is causing to nature including human nature.

The sub-topics towards the Third Generation City will be:

– Anarchist Gardener
– Ultra-Ruin
– Urban Acupuncture
– Compost
– River Urbanism

Images are taken from Nikita Wu