Seoul Metro System © NEIL FREEMAN

  1. Subway systems of the world, presented on the same scale
  2. Burying Bits of The City: Hong Kong UndergroundSea Caverns of Singapore
  3. A Caution on Hong Kong Envy
  4. Singapore: The best place in the world to be creative
  5. Applying Spatial Justice in Singapore
  6. The Future of the City: Inaugural Monocle + Killik debate 

“I think the thing that excites me about the city is diversity. Cities are made of a variety of people and institution and activities; diversity I think defines the city”

–Alejandro Gutierrez

“I love how the city works; people love railway stations because you can see people leaving and arriving; you can see how the railway station works. The most boring cities are those for whatever reason, you can’t see behind the walls, through the window. The processes of how the city runs, fed and entertain are invisible. The best cities are those lay those out in public view so you can watch the city working and playing”

– Alain de Botton

“We are very unimaginative about how we use space. We think that either we design a shopping mall or a maybe a museum. I’m really against museum. Museums are the most unimaginative attempt to create a kind of public space. We have to rethink about how we have fun. Let’s imagine a restaurant that is different; that is much more public and a truly piece of public space; or a space where the art is not the main feature but the mood and experience that creates the conversations. We are still at the beginning at understanding what the pleasures of the cities are. If we were to design a city around the true understanding of it, we might have a lot less Ferris Wheels. One of the roles of urban planners and architects is to inspire people to new activities”

— Alain de Botton