Asian Urban Epicenters is an initiative by Dr Cho Im Sik, Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture,
School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore.

This initiative aims to contribute to the understanding of contemporary Asian urbanism and will draw attention to
the varied and complex network of factors and conditions that affect the emergence of the urban epicenters.
It recognizes the importance of a new mindset or awareness of our potentials and believing in its possibilities and
our future, as Asian cities and its citizens.

Characteristics of the city’s urbanism will be identified which can form as the foundations of an argument for ‘Asian Urban Epicenters’ in which the term ‘epicenter’ means ‘the absolute center of something’ and indicates that at a certain point in time, there is something to be recognised as an excellent answer to the requirements and problems that urbanism has to face within its own, given situation, even though we have to acknowledge that there is no foreseeable or advance formula for the formation of an ‘epicenter’. ‘Epicenters’ emerge in relation to its own, local situation and yet it is recognised as an excellent answer to the global situation, to our time. Or, more precisely, it is recognised as a new possibility or the opening of a new path in the situation that either seems too restrictive, too limiting, or far ahead of it (Čeferin, P. and Požar, C., eds., Architectural Epicentres: Inventing Architecture, Intervening in Reality, 2008).

An ‘epicenter’ is ‘above a start of a much larger event’ and therefore this term suggests that its identification should continuously lead to future researches on its broader and long term impact.