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The Social Memories of a Voiddeck

The Social Memories of a Voiddeck

“downstair” Directed By Diya Tan Produced By Quek Hui Min, Helmi Ali Director of Photography PK Tan This film was produced as a final-year project in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. All Rights Reserved 2008. downstair. A colloquial and affectionate term used by many when referring...
Singapore's Ethnic Enclaves and Bauman's 'mixophobia'

Singapore’s Ethnic Enclaves and Bauman’s ‘mixophobia’

Bangladeshi workers gathering in large numbers every weekend at Little India’s Lembu Square.  (photo by: Sam Kang Li taken from: Foreign workers enjoying a meal while watching an outdoor movie screening at Sungei Road ‘Thieves Market’.  (photo by: Sam Kang Li taken from: Singapore has for a long time, depended on vast numbers of migrant...